Dr. Kammer explains her low vision process for Age Related Macular Degeneration

Whether at home in the U.S. or traveling globally in other nations, I have witnessed a common problem. People with permanent vision loss often have inadequate access to quality low vision care. That low vision care may be delivered in different ways by different providers in the various regions, but typically, there are few delivery methods that exemplify a LEARNING model. I refer to this as a learning model as it must face ongoing scrutiny on effectiveness and be able to adapt and improve – constantly evolving, utilizing resources nearby, and it must be creative in its delivery.

This constantly evolving model requires providers who are humble, who recognize that others may have better methods than their own, and who ultimately keep the patient as the center of attention.

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Dr. Kammer has extensive experience working with patients visual impairment or low vision and especially with Age Related Macular Degeneration and Albinism. Dr. Kammer provides low vision evaluations or consultations on a limited basis in Irvine, California. To call for more information or to schedule an appointment: 888-322-5743.

Standing Voice

In East Africa, specifically Tanzania, Standing Voice is expanding the low vision program across the nation to all persons with albinism. The goal of the project is to create low vision care that can be accessed in the most remote areas of the country. In order to provide that care, support for training health professionals and funding for low vision devices is needed. Visit http://www.standingvoice.org/programmes/vision


Dr. Kammer started volunteering with UTSS in 2010 as she assisted them in providing low vision care to 300 of the most at-risk children with albinism. UTSS provides education so children and adults can become leaders that change the discrimination and atrocities against persons with albinism in Tanzania. Visit underthesamesun.com.


In fall, 2014, Dr. Kammer was invited to be the keynote speaker for the Envision Conference on vision rehabilitation. In preparation for this event, she wrote a paper on her work of albinism in Tanzania. Click here to see pictures and the paper. Visit www.envisionuniversity.org.