Kammer Low Vision

Kammer Low Vision

Low vision means you have a congenital condition or eye disease that impacts vision in both of your eyes even when you have been wearing your regular glasses or contact lenses. This loss of vision makes it difficult to perform daily activities such as reading small print, seeing faces, watching TV and in some more mild situations, driving a car. Age Related Macular Degeneration is the number one cause of impairment in older adults and Dr. Kammer has developed a rehabilitation model in which she evaluates your vision, explains your vision carefully, and helps you to start a plan toward enhancing the remaining vision to use it most effectively. Dr. Kammer also incorporates other rehabilitation professionals in your home and community to help you achieve success in doing the things you love to do. Dr. Kammer has also worked with more rare eye conditions such as albinism and retinitis pigmentosa and can create a customized rehabilitation plan to help other problems such as glare or double vision.

Dr. Kammer spends most of her time on vision research on vision conditions that cause debilitating loss so her private practice time is limited but please contact UCI Gavin Herbert Eye Institute for an appointment in the near future.

Vision Research

It is an exciting new season of development of treatments for inherited retinal disease (IRD) and other impairing eye conditions. Clinical trials for eye disease require outcomes or endpoints that demonstrate treatment effect. Dr. Kammer uses her knowledge of clinical low vision to assist in the development and execution of testing used for visually impaired subjects in various studies. Dr. Kammer blends her experience with teaching and learning to develop operating procedures and train examiners for clinical trials.

Local Vision Research

Dr. Kammer is actively working with local sponsor, jCyte, to conduct clinical trials of a new potential treatment for Retinitis Pigmentosa. With a jCyte established research center, subjects in the trial undergo testing for vision function with Dr. Kammer and her trained examiners in Irvine.

Global Vision Research

With a heart for serving patients with vision impairment who have limited or no access to healthcare, Dr. Kammer primarily serves communities in East Africa through low vision services for patients with albinism. In efforts to share program models and key knowledge with other countries, Dr. Kammer has conducted small studies and has initiated a writing and speaking agenda to share this knowledge globally.

Rebecca Kammer OD, PhD

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